Orküs – Special Edition


PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, This design is ONLY compatible with the Function keys on Keyboard with Fullsize, 1800-Compact, TKL, 87%, and 80% layout.

Particular keycap of The Orküs, available in gold and silver version.

Orküs, the most vicious character of distinguishing myths, the servant of evil, who emerged from mud with heartless destruction. For an Orküs, personal reputation is as outstanding as his clan, and most will fight to the death in defense of either. Aspired by these brutal but noble creatures, OMK brings to you the Orküs special versions, which is dedicated only to you.


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Collection: Orkus

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To us all Tolkien fandom, Orküs are no new news, from the legendary Lords of the Rings
to many of fiction and RPG games out there.



Versions and adaptations of Orküs are countless but never before the Orküs
are carved into keycaps that come with details of craftsmanship perfection.



Lords of the keys, shall the Orcs keycaps be added to your collections!
Recruit the Orcs to your army. They are ready to join the battles, are you?



With sophisticated design and refined finish, this will definitely be your smart choice.


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